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36 x 36 x 1.5 inch hand-embellished print on canvas. Unframed. Limited edition of 25.


Because Because Being Black

       in a 

            White Space

   is a Real Thing...

Artist Dana Todd Pope has captured the essence of what it is to be Black in White spaces in her latest series of work “Because Being Black in a White Space is a Real Thing...”  Her subjects, presented as children, depict both vulnerability and innocence, yet their gaze belies their strength and world weariness. They are tired, tired of being tired, tired of explaining who they are, why they belong and most importantly that they merit respect.  They are all “feeling some kind of way,” about what it takes to navigate a world that is not molded in their image.

Todd Pope’s images are arresting, compelling, and invite the viewer to share their own unique experience, because, of course they have one to share, no matter what level they may have

attained – mailroom to C-Suite, they have a story. Those lone brown figures, rendered on stark white canvas pull us in, demand that we reflect and perhaps, that we purge some parts of the isolation, because after all, someone does understand.

Because Being Black in a White Space is a Real Thing... 8, Print on Ca

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