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27x27 inch Unframed, Limited-Edition  (5/5), Hand-embellished, Hand-stretched, Hand-Signed Print on Canvas.  Only 2 left!!!  Certificate of Authenticity included.


"Because Being Black in a White Space is a Real Thing..." is a project born out of stories shared with me by my family, friends, and friends of friends. There are murmurs in intimate spaces of the African American community. Murmurs discussing microaggressions against people of color in the workplace, schools, and public spaces. Microaggressions that can not be openly addressed for fear of loss of livelihood, loss of opportunity and becoming a target. This project will put a bullhorn to the murmurs, create awareness and a safe space to share the trauma of what is often suffered in secret. 


As I exhibited the first five paintings in this series, I found strangers felt comfortable sharing their experiences, deep personal hurts, and triumphs.  Some shared they had never told anyone the details of what they endured.  Others found the experience of the work cathartic and acknowledging.  

"Because Being Black in a White Space is a Real Thing, 3" LIMITED EDITION PRINT

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