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Dana Todd Pope named Official Artist for Chicago Jazz Festival

Dana Todd Pope named Official Artist for the 2015 Chicago Jazz Festival. Known for its artistic creativity, the Chicago Jazz Festival is a favorite Labor Day Weekend tradition. It promotes awareness and appreciation for all forms of jazz through free, quality live musical performance. Since 1979, the festival's mission is to showcase Chicago's vast jazz talent alongside national and international artists to encourage and educate a jazz audience of all ages.

Information and Resources

September 3

Chicago Cultural Center, 12 Noon-4:30pm

Millennium Park, 6:30-9pm

September 4, 5 & 6

Millennium Park, 12 Noon-9:30pm

Chicago Cultural Center Map(PDF) 78 E. Washington St. Chicago, IL 60602

Millennium Park Map(PDF) 201 E. Randolph St., between Michigan Ave. & Columbus Ave. Chicago, IL 60602

Special Highlights

Jazz Institute of Chicago

The Chicago Jazz Festival is programmed by the Jazz Institute of Chicago.


PARKING Millennium Garages

Parking Details: Park right below the music! Garage locations are Millennium Park Garage and Millennium Lakeside Garage at 5 S. Columbus Drive, Grant Park North Garage at 25 N. Michigan Ave. and Grant Park South Garage at 325 S. Michigan Ave.

Packages: $35 parking/Millennium Park Garage and Millennium Lakeside Garage (regular rates apply at Grant Park North & Grant Park South Garages)

Purchase Options: Pay at parking location; call 312.616.0600



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