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"I have been creating these jump rope pieces since 2012. They're all over the place. I am so blessed. They're in @bgca_america, @lacuna schools, clinics, daycares, and in private collectors' homes. It all came from a dream God gave me and the rest of the history.

This is the first one that I've done with real hair. I was inspired by the work of the original OG, queen of hair art, @inspirebytyler.

This is also the largest one I've done to date. Each canvas is 5ft tall and a little over 2ft wide. I personally built this piece from scratch. I even stretched and gessoed the canvas." ~Dana Todd Pope

Mixed media on canvas (including pigments I picked up in Venice last Spring). Three 5ft x 2.16ft canvases attached by rope. Hand stretched by Dana Todd Pope. Unframed.


Jumping to Higher Heights XXV

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